Biography and Scientific–Research Services and Activities of the Late
Dr. Hassan Habibi, Ex-President of the Iranology Foundation


The late Dr. Habibi was born in 1937 in Tehran. He began his university education in 1959 and studied both law and literature as a joint degree. Later he moved to France to continue his education. He obtained his PhD degree in Law from the University of Sorbonne in Paris. Dr. Habibi returned to his homeland in February 1978 in the company of Imam Khomeini. Some of the important activities and responsibilities of Dr. Habibi were as follows: member of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, representative in the first term of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Minister of Culture, Minister of Justice, member of the Guardian Council, member of the International Criminal Court, member of the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO, Vice President of the country (for three terms), member of the Expediency Council, President of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature, and President of the Iranology Foundation.

One of the distinctive features of Dr. Habibi was his attention to Iranian culture. This was a concern which he never gave up. He was an influential figure in developing macro scientific and cultural policies and a talented author. He wrote more than 40 books and hundreds of articles in the field of science. In the mid-1990’s, he focused all his energy on founding the Iranology Foundation and remained its President to the end of his life. In fact, today’s Iranology Foundation, which houses the biggest specialized library of Iranology and five museums, is the fruit of the selfless mental and physical efforts of the late Dr. Habibi.

The ex-president of the Iranology Foundation also developed a theory called "systematized Iranology". Accordingly, he can be considered to be the founder of a school. The late Dr. Habibi passed away on the morning of Thursday 31 January 2013. God rest his soul and may his legacy remain forever.

List of Published Books

Number Title
1 One Word from among Thousands (2001)
2 A Step more Forward (2006)
3 Some Examples of Technical Terms of Islamic Teachings in Arabic and Persian and their Equivalents in French (2013)
4 Society, Culture, and Politics (1984)
5 Legal Sociology: An Example of a Sociological, Anthropological, and Statistical Investigation, Description, and Analysis of the Marriage and Divorce Documents of Khandaq Abadis (2008)
6 Legal Sociology based on a Sociological, Anthropological, and Statistical Investigation, Description, and Analysis of some of the Documents of a Registry Office in Tehran (2010)
7 A Discussion of the Scientific Policy of the Country and the Place of Academies, Particularly the Academy of Persian Language and Literature (2006)
8 Situation of an Old University Student (1997)
9 A Quest for Roots (1994)
10 Word of Love (1997)
11 A Preliminary Design for Systematic Iranology (2010)

List of Translations

Number Title
1 Art of War (1985)
2 Legal Logic and Legal Informatics (1994)
3 Islam and the Crisis of our Period (Discovery of Islam) (1992)
4 Islam and Muslims in Russia (1978)
5 Social Determinism and Man’s free Will or Freedom (1974, 1979)
6 General International Law (2003)
7 God (1981)
8 In the Mirror of Law (1988)
9 Two Origins of Ethics and Religion (1979)
10 Dialectics or Controversial Trend and Sociology (1972)
11 New Testaments, the Qur’an, and Knowledge (1978)
12 Theoretical Ethics and Etiquette (1979)
13 Social Division of Labor
14 An Introduction to Legal Sociology (1973)
15 Dialectics and Methodology (1973)
16 Afzal al-jihad (1977)