Discovery skeleton 5000 years – old in molavi Tehran

Archaeological excavations in the southern part of Tehran led to the discovery of a human skeleton which goes back to the fifth millennium BC.

This skeleton changed the idea of the history of residency in Tehran from 3000 years, which was based on archaeological remains in Gheitarie hills, to 7000 years.

This was a great discovery which originated from the accidental observation by a girl of the shards of pottery. As a result, it was followed by the enterance of excavation group in to the project.

In this excavation which was done in molavi street, besides the skeleton with curved knees and bent - up arms, there were found some other things such as a lot of shards of glazed and simple pottery from safavid and gajar periods, bricks and stones. Decorative tiles, bone objects, and glass jars.

This old skeleton has been sent to iran national museam for preservation and some tests and would be exhibited after the studies are done.