A Glance at the Activities of the Repair and Treatment Workshop of the Iranology Foundation

The Repair and Treatment Workshop of the Iranology Foundation has been established in order to protect, maintain, and restore the cultural works held in this institute. These works include an invaluable collection of coffee-house paintings, manuscripts, lithographed and typographed books, some documents related to the Qajar Period, a number of precious contemporary examples of calligraphy, and illumination pictures, etc.

The major activities of this Workshop are as follows:

  • 1. Prioritizing works and objects requiring treatment based on three principles.
    • a. Value of the object
    • b. Speed of the process of destruction
    • c. Extent of damage
  • 2. Preparing an ID for each object containing all related artistic, technological, pathological, and treatment data
  • 3. Documenting all the data about the object before, during, and after treatment
  • 4. Specifying the technology and pathology of the object
  • 5. Performing treatment through employing laboratory methods
  • 6. Undertaking repair and restoration tasks based on three principles:
    • a. Substance reversibility
    • b. Objectivity in the restoration and replication of artistic works
    • c. Use of the latest international scientific and standard methods of treatment
  • 7. Developing and executing an efficient method for the conservation of repaired works, including the following:
    • a. Making passé-partouts and appropriate frames for paintings
    • b. Laying Mylar on treated documents and making appropriate passé-partouts, albums, and frames for documents
    • c. Binding books, repairing their covers, and, if necessary, making protective boxes for them
  • 8. Periodic cleaning of paintings, showcases, etc.

Marginal Activities of the Repair and Treatment Workshop

Some of the marginal activities of this Workshop include the treatment of all manuscripts, lithographed and typographed works, precious print books, and documents held in the archives and exhibitions of the Iranology Foundation. One of its other duties is to provide services to university students, researchers, and all parties interested in studying these works.

On-Going Activities of the Repair and Treatment Workshop

In order to protect and preserve the invaluable objects conserved in the museums of the Iranology Foundation, the Repair and Treatment Workshop has currently assumed the responsibility of monitoring the environmental conditions of its museums.

Future Activities of the Repair and Treatment Workshop

Given the need of the exhibitions of the Iranology Foundation for human-size statues with faces representing various Iranian ethnic groups, and also the dexterity of the experts of the Workshop in making wax statues, the process of making the required statues will be started there. However, this will not be done before the end of the treatment of the paintings preserved in the Foundation.

Document before treatment

Document after treatment

Deacidification of the document